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Pre-Operative instructions may vary from patient to patient and you should always follow any specific instructions given to you by your surgeon or by our Assessment Nurse. Your medical history and current medications will be reviewed by our staff, and will be discussed with you during your assessment phone call or Pre-Op Clinic. Eat a light meal for dinner the evening before surgery. If you are having anesthesia, it is very important that you do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your surgery, unless you are given specific instructions to the contrary. This includes gum, mints, etc. Do not drink alcoholic beverages for twenty four (24) hours before surgery, and try not to smoke for forty hours (40) hours before surgery. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home, but bring your insurance card(s) and photo ID card with you. You do need to remove nail polish, do not wear any make-up or any fasteners in your hair, and remove any body jewelry. Wear loose, comfortable clothing; button down shirts or blouses and slip-on shoes work best. Bring your eyeglasses and hearing aid with you. If you have sleep apnea and are on a CPAP machine, please bring your machine with you.

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One of our assessment nurses will review your medical history with you at the time of your Pre-Op Clinic visit. We want to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for outpatient surgery and that we have accurate information regarding your medications, allergies and previous surgeries.


Prior to your procedure, you will receive several phone calls from our staff. A member of our Business Office will call to discuss your insurance coverage, if any, and to advise you of any payments due at time of service.

You must arrange to have a responsible adult accompany you home from surgery and stay with you for twenty four (24) hours following surgery or your surgery will be cancelled.

At your pre-op visit, you will receive a packet containing information and forms. Please complete all forms and bring the entire packet with you to your appointment. You may fill out and submit many of these forms in advance. You will also need to bring your health insurance information and a photo identification card, such as a driver’s license.

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Once you arrive, the registration process will begin and at that time your care giver will be asked to sign a form stating they are the responsible adult that will be accompanying you home. Once your registration process is complete, you will be admitted into the Pre-Op area. A nurse will review your medical history and any allergies, the procedure you are scheduled for, and answer any questions you may have. Now is the time to let her know who will be taking you home after surgery and how we should contact your care person. You will be given a surgical gown to change into and we will have a warm blanket waiting for you!

You will meet with your anesthesia team and your operating room nurse. For your safety, everyone taking care of you will ask you to verify your name, birth date, procedure, allergies, etc. Please do not be alarmed. All of your information is well documented and this is an added safety measure. You will also speak with your surgeon who will also verify your procedure and the site of the procedure before you are taken into the Operating Room.

When your procedure is complete, you will be safely transported to the Recovery Room. Once you are sufficiently recovered from your anesthesia, you will be transported to Recovery 2 and a family member may come sit with you. The physician will come by and discuss your surgical outcome. Once you are sufficiently recovered, you will be discharged home.

Prior to your discharge, the Recovery room nurse will review your discharge instructions with you and your care person. You will also be given a written copy of these instructions which include whom to contact if you have any questions. A stamped evaluation form will be included with your discharge information. Please fill it out and return it to us. Your feedback is very important.

Do not plan on doing anything other than resting comfortably at home for the remainder of the day. Your physician will instruct you as to when you may begin to resume your normal activities. Unless otherwise instructed, you may resume a normal diet. It is best to begin with clear liquids, progress to soup and crackers and ease back into your regular way of eating as tolerated. Small portions are often tolerated better. You will receive written instructions regarding your recovery. If any problems occur or you are experiencing anything that you did not anticipate, please call your physician’s office. If you are unable to reach your physician and you feel that your signs and symptoms warrant a physician’s attention, please go to the nearest hospital emergency department.

You can expect a telephone call from us in the days following your procedure. We like to know how you are doing, and if you have any questions.